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2019: Decamp to APC, Sylva tells politicians

Bayelsa state All Progressive Congress (APC) leader and former Governor, Chief Timipre Sylva has told politicians to defect to APC before its gate close against them.

He made this remark in Tombia community as the ex-governor welcome defectors to the party.

According to Chief Sylva, the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) thought that since the APC won the 2015 general election at the presidency, defections have been waved off whilst its doors are wide open.

He described the defectors at Tombia in Bayelsa state as wise virgins and equally appealed to them to follow the APC and take part of its activities to the best of their ability to reap the fruits.

To him, there are four parts laid ahead of them. Part one is to vote for president Buhari; second part is to vote for their senator followed by the House of Representatives and state House of Assembly candidates respectively, adding that their lives would never remain the same including that of Bayelsa state and Nigeria if they did.

Also speaking, his former deputy governor, Rt. Hon. Werinepre Seibarugu said that the game is over for the PDP in Bayelsa state when he appealed to the defectors including their families to vote for the APC.

He is of the view that the defectors now have new opportunity again at hand because they cannot afford to vote for the PDP candidates who sleep with eyes closed forever.

Lending voice of his impression of the defection rally, the chairman of Ward 11 Mr. Waripamo Ebiwari said that he cleared the way to make rally successful.

A defector from the PDP Pastor Mrs. Esther Martins Sanyo in her response said that life is all about choice, adding that she like to associate with people who accept her to grow.

It could be recalled that Pastor Mrs. Sanyo vied for the 2019 Yenagoa constituency 2 seat at the state House of Assembly under the platform of the PDP but was not given the chance.


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