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2019: Donkemezuwo sets 11 Point Cardinal agenda

By Daniel Domotimi

Former President of Ijaw Youths Council, IYC, vying for Kolokuma/Opokuma Constituency 2 seat in the Bayelsa State House of Assembly, under the third force  platform of Young Democratic Party, YDP, Comr. Elvis Donkemezuwo has disclosed his eleven point cardinal objective which he adopted from the people's desire.

The former IYC boss in an exclusive interview with Rivers Today Newspaper Correspondent said, the 11 cardinal point objective is a collective drive to be delivered as a messenger being sent on an errant.

Donkemezuwo said, "The first task on him is to domesticate the local content law to benefit Bayelsa State as a crude oil producing state in line with the Nigeria/local content act which stated that "available jobs and desired development shall be for the people directly".

"If this is done, it will create employment and there will be trade exchange for the people because when there are activities, small and medium Scale Enterprise's SME's that is the driver of every economy will boom.

"There must be bills for the funding of traditional rulers to be independent to bring back their lost respect. Politicians no longer respect our traditional rulers because they fund their activities.

"It will be done through deduction from our local government allocation directly to the monarchs to stop the rallying around politicians whom take the advantage and dictate their scenes.

"One million dollars ($1m) will be provided by oil companies in the area and constituency funds to build a motor park which will open up the constituency to the world. The contracts will be awarded and supervised by the companies directly with the existing CSR structure.

"Never in the history of Bayelsa State were any National or State Assembly members hold quarterly town hall meetings and  brief the people on how they have been carrying out their activities in the Assembly, that is what I want to bring on board when elected, in other to bring to my people the dividends of democracy.

"I have even been awarding scholarships to about 150, 000 students at all levels of educational institutions annually from my private pocket, something those in power have never done in the history of our constituency, these and many more is what I will bring to the table if elected.

"In the past we have been voting for people without pedigree, no background, unprepared and anointed candidates, people whom do not know anything about legislative business.

"Legislative business that has to do with laws governing society with a representative there, yet we complain of dilapidated nature of infrastructures in our environment, forgetting that the only way we can promote and elevate our standard of living is by adequate representation.

"We need people like me who have love for the people, gets exposure, gets the right understanding to compare and contrast where better things of the world is being derived from  because that is only when one can now say, "this is how it is been done in Lagos, New York, London and the beautiful cities of the world.

Talking on the imposition of candidates to the people by power brokers, Donkemezuwo said, "in a competitive election you want to bravely impose some one on them even when they are saying no to that, no to favoritism.

"We are already consciencetising the people, this is the highest level of corruption where you use your office to undue others to your advantage.

"A man who was a transport officer, local government boss for three years and have controlled over N4billion yet nobody have been empowered through him, rather he built houses everywhere, bought SUV cars all over the places? Is that the kind of person you want to impose on us for four years? I know my people, they will not
sit down and watch anybody do that to them," Donkemezuwo hinted.

It can be recalled that imposition had never worked in this area, in 1999 Alex Ibanibo won under All Nigerians People's Party, ANPP, in 2017 Labour party, LP, won and in 2015, All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, won so this will not be an exception.


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