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Acting Registrar of Bayelsa Medical University buries mum…thanks Governor Dickson for supporting him

The acting Registrar Bayelsa State Medical University, Dr Akpoebi Adesi at the weekend whole heartedly thanked the executive Governor of Bayelsa state Henry Seriake Dickson whom he said financially helped in facilitating the burial of his mother.

 Mrs Betty Molick-Erebi the mother of Dr Akpoebi  Adesi was buried at Agoloma in Patani local government  of Delta.       
  The acting Registrar Medical University Bayelsa state also thanked his uncle Dr Joseph Otoru in Canada whom he said without them the burial ceremony would have been a bit tight.
 Dr Adesi thanking the Governor said “I had anticipated this day with great reputation because I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be.

“I have just been worried how I’m going to gather enough resources to do it. How was it going to look like and all that  but as  God will have it  with the help of the Governor and other good spirited individuals, the day has come and gone  and it has turned to reality.

  Describing his mother, Adesi stated that “My mother was a modest woman, humility and cheerfulness were part of her life. Whatever she was going through, if she didn’t mention it to you, you wouldn’t know.

  He said he saw his mother as a devoted catholic all her life adding that she was always praying for her children making supplications for everybody.

 Regretting the passing away of his mother, he said he will ever remember his mother for that sense of humility   and for that ever cheerful spirit that she given to all of her children adding that “You don’t have to betray your feeling to everybody.

 Also speaking in a tribute to her mother  Mrs Tokere Alagoa said   she will remember  her mum for her hard working spirit and her courageous spirit maintaining  she  was someone that if you are in difficulty, she will advise  you on what to do.

“She will tell you to take it easy that things will be fine that someday you will see the brighter side of life.

 She said “My mum was a God fearing woman. I wish every mother will be that God fearing.
  She advised   that parents should leave African gods as her mother did because there was nothing in it.

 Those that accompanied him to the burial ceremony were Professor Ebitimitula Etebu, the acting Vice Chancellor of medical University, conference of registrars, the chief historian of Bayelsa state, the general manager Bayelsa newspaper coloration, Alfred Egbegi among other personalities.

 Mrs Betty Erebi seventy two years old   died on the 13nth of September 2018 after a brief illness.


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