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Drama Erodes as Police, Army Clash Averted In Bayelsa.

A purported drama has been averted by one sergeant Zekpo Obi of Mopol 30
PMF who disarmed a Army officer attached to Shell Petroleum Development  Company  (SPDC) at the Igbogene checking point in Yenagoa the Bayelsa State
An eye witness account had it that the Army Officers attached to SPCN
accused the Mopol 30 squad to have embarrassed their colleagues which the
Mopol 30, Igbogene checking point denied.

The eroded drama which usually escalate to shooting and killing of each
other in places like Port Harcourt and Lagos between the Nigeria Police
Force, NPF, and the Nigeria Army was brought to a halt with the single
action of the Mopol 30 gallant Sergeant Obi.

The witness who pleaded anonymity said, "four of the soldiers came here in
a white hilux and ask the Mopol guys, saying we got a call that some Mopol
guys embarrassed our colleague in Igbogene checking point.

"But the Mopol guys said, no, we have not encountered any thing of such and
when the soldiers insisted, a female soldier who was not on uniform shouted
at them that this guy's have told you that, they have not encountered
anything of such, why still insist?

"The soldiers at this point now advanced to take away their female
colleague who was not putting on uniform.

"She ran into the Mopol tent and when the soldiers attempted to go into the
Mopol tent, Sergeant Obi from nowhere tackled one of the soldiers and
before we know what was happening, the AK 47 riffle was in the hand of
Sargeant Obi," the witness stated.

The soldiers at this point had no choice other than to make an appeal for
the return of the AK 47 riffle and with the return of the riffle, Police,
Army clash was averted.


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