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Lesson from 2019 presidential election

Chairman INEC

By Rasta Journalist

Although the 2019 presidential and national assembly elections have come and gone and as we wait for the outcome of the tribunals in all parts of Nigeria, let’s see whether some people have learnt lesson from the polls.

In Nigerian political circle, party leaders do all kinds of things to ensure that their preferred candidates win through vote buying which is regarded as old as time immemorial but that is not the case per say.

Some political big weights fell by the way side in spite of their nocturnal meetings.  For instance, senate president Bokola Saraki of Kwara state was beaten hands down in Kwara state and here in Bayelsa state, the speaker of the state house of assembly Hon. Kobowei Benson is floored by Preye Oseke for the House of Representative Southern Ijaw federal constituency seat 
The failure of these political big weights is rather caused by undermining the power of the electorate by political leaders whose whims and caprices is to impose candidates on the people’s interest.  Most times the political leaders used nepotism as a yardstick to select candidates for election contravening their political party guidelines for election. This is a serious political miscalculation by party leaders even though some sail through at the elections. This is suicidal indeed as many shed crocodile tears at the end the day. Such impostors should know that the electorates are getting wiser each day.

Another aspect failures should learn from the presidential and national assembly elections is by ignoring the power of the incumbency – the human power angle. Some previous political leaders are quite different from today political leadership. They can use all the powers in their disposition to thwart the opposition chances of winning particularly at the state and national levels. Although this not an acceptable democratic process at elections but be that as it may, Nigeria leaders can throw it into the dust bin and do all sorts of things to win election particularly the use of gun and security agents. If you are not in control, you is every tendency for you lose exceptgo to the court. A way out of it. Believe you me in Nigeria, the man on top wins always in any competitive contemporary venture.
Holding on to power for prolonged duration could be another lesson political office seekers may learn. There are hundreds of people who are qualified to contest elections in their wards, local government and constituencies across the country.

But today as I write, some greedy politicians are not interested to quit voluntarily for others to represent their people yet they are poles far apart from the people except when elections come again. The story of House of Reps elect, Preye Oseke cannot be over emphasized. The people of his constituency have massively voted for him because he’s a man of the grass root, very compassionate and loving always not the greedy and stingy type.

They say a thief catch a thief. This is very true. The old political game played together by major political parties is replicating itself today. The one in power is like playing the game faster than the others as it happened in Ekiti and Osun states elections respectively.

Who will come and bell the cat you may ask? Well as I earlier pointed out, the election tribunals are there for them to seek justice if one is not satisfied with outcome of the elections. It is time for legal people to elk out a living from both  the aggrieved and none contestants after spending millions of naira for their campaigns and the real elections logistics.

Don’t forget this! Late DSP Alamieyeseigha once said that “after God, it is government.” He made this remark in an interview during his travails with the then federal government led by President Olusegun Obasanjo.
It observed that in spite of the human irregularities in some parts of the country as suspected by aggrieved candidates who fail to make it at the presidential and national assembly elections, a number presidential candidates have commended INEC for the conduct elections.

That is display of power influence for you.  Let’s political parties shelve their sword and allow peace to reign in the last leg of the general election in the country. Today you lose, tomorrow is another day. We must learn from our failures as you climb the ladder of political development.

 As expected before the commencement of the polls, God has already marked the winner except some soothsayers or prophets knew about it. Burari’s winning is no magic. Nigerian knew what happened.


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