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Monday’s press release by the Central Naval Command of the Nigerian Navy, Yenagoa, saying the recent death of one of its personnel on Brass Island had nothing to do with last Saturday’s elections, has vindicated us, says the Publicity Secretary of All Progressive Congress Party Mr. Doifie Buokurobo. He said that the naval rating was not killed on election duty.

According to him, the Navy authorities revealed that the naval rating was on escort duty onboard a ship at the sea. The ship unfortunately came under attack offshore Brass, and he suffered a gunshot wound. He later died in a hospital in Twon-Brass.

But in stark contrast to the Navy’s statement, Governor Henry Seriake Dickson and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Bayelsa State had rushed a statement to the media alleging that APC was responsible for the death of the naval rating, and that he died on election duty. 

We have had cause to caution the unsuspecting public to take whatever comes from the mouth of the dying PDP in the state and Governor Dickson with a grain of salt. Governor Dickson and his party are pathetic liars. They have lied before. They are lying. They will continue to lie to cover their desperation, fear and ineptitude. No government can survive on the basis of lies, fake news and agitprop. 

Now that their latest lie has proven to be a cruel hoax, we expect the PDP and Governor Dickson to have the courage to apologise for shamefully misleading the public, raising a false alarm, and spreading rumour. But we know they will not. The governor and his party are shameless. Of course, the people now know better.


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