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Pastor Samuel celebrates golden jubilee

Pastor Iyke Sunday
By Paulyn Onyibe

The General Overseer of the Throne International Ministry Yenagoa Bayelsa state, Pastor Iyke Samuel last Sunday celebrated his golden jubilee and the 19 years of the church’s existence.

While cutting his birthday cake at the church auditorium, Pastor Samuel thanked God for his hand upon his ministry.

The man of God stated that it has not been easy to move but by the grace of God I did, .saying  that “From the depth of my heart I thank God for his hand and his direction.

“Actually it is God’s direction that kept me back in the state when I would have gone. I just saw God.   I even we passed through all manner of things but the Lord have shown that he is the one that called and he is still showing it”.

The pastor advised other men of God to be patient maintaining that the call of God is first patience.

He said “Patience is the key. If there is no patience, one can backslide. We have seen all manner of things we have seen suffering.

“We have seen attack, we have seen certain things that mesmerized us but we have always held unto him.

“We have always waited on him and we see him day by day show himself little by little. God is not like man. God has his pattern. God has his ways.

“When God calls, what you just do is follow. Don’t look at men. Don’t listen at men or to the society. If you do that, you find yourself under pressure and the moment you enter into pressure you will begin to do other things. The man of God concluded”.

 Also speaking, Ngozi Samuel, the wife of the pastor said it has all been the Lord that has kept her husband.

 She said “We started from nowhere but I see God taking us to somewhere and one of the things that God has used to help two of us was that we are really partners.

“We are friends. We are everything to each other. I have realized that for any man to succeed in ministry, you must have a wife as a backup.

“When a wife is not there for the man the man will collapse. I know a lot of times, challenges of ministry comes up for everybody but as a women if this man will succeed, you must throw away yourself and think about  the generation that are at stake.

“Most ministers that were not able to make it, I want to say it was because of the wrong wives”.


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