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Bayelsa First Lady “collapses”

When Bayelsa state First Lady, Mrs. Rachael Dickson organized party to mark this year’s Children Day celebrations in Government House, Yenagoa, she never knew that she would fall flat on the ground before the bash ends.

Nobody knows how It all happen but eye witness account has it that when all talks were over, she decided to share gifts items by herself to the children who attended the show.

According to our source, the crowd of children becomes enormous for her to control so she decided to go to the rear of the line to share the gift items to reach every child.

Unknowingly to her, there was loose rope on the ground that had been used to tie the gift items.

The rope suddenly hooks up one of her legs as she stepped on it while trying to resume sharing of the gift items. She fell down by hitting her face on concrete floor.

Learnt she sustained injury on her mouth, head and lips, adding that security personnel went to her rescue and later took her away with a nearby vehicle.

Following this embarrassing incident, the party ends abruptly. The children however decided to have a field day after the First Lady was taken away but security agents were able to bring the situation under control.

All efforts to get reaction from her press aide proved abortive.


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