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Bayelsa Igbo Missionary Gospel fellowship inaugurates women wing.

By Pauline Onyibe

The women wing of the Igbo missionary gospel fellowship Bayelsa state was at the weekend inaugurated with a charge on them to take the gospel to the nooks and crannies of the state.

 The women wing of the fellowship which kicked off  in July 2108 it was learnt has a mandate  of reaching  out to all Igbo women in Bayelsa both born again and non-born again.

According to the pioneer president of the group Dr Pauline Okafor, the fellowship’s mandate she said was to reach  out to the people both spiritually, physically and  educationally adding that without education you can’t get to anywhere.

 She said “We are out to reach to all Igbo Christian women in Bayelsa state both the born again ones and those who are not yet born again. 

“The women fellowship is out to reach out to women of Igbo extraction and our reaching out both spiritually, physically and educationally.

 “Our aim is to reach out to educationally by organizing trainings and encouraging them to take to school life.  We are also out to empower ourselves.

 “We will training our women in the area  of skills and there will be lots of seminars on how to manage the affairs of the families. 

“We know that the assignment is not easy, we know that the assignment is dynamic but we are trusting that the Lord is going to help us.

 Inaugurating them earlier, the president of the men’s wing of the fellowship Apostle Nnabuihie said that the fellowship was not a political party but a place they share their burdens and weakness.

He said “It is where you feel free and interact. Where you make friends. I welcome you to this fellowship. We saw the way the fellowship was going ad we felt we have to give the women a place to operate.

 Also the vice president of the group, Pastor Mike Okafaor had said that the women were specially wired to do something at the home front adding that they were not regretting setting up the women wing at all.

The guest speaker Stella Benibo in her  sermon with a title no woman, no nation said  that the mandate given to the women was a huge assignment adding that  the women have people they were responsible over  calling them nations.


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