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Women protest over insecurity in Bayelsa

The women of Ekpetiama Kingdom in Bayelsa state have protested against the rising insecurity situation in the area.

Speaking to newsmen, the Queen of the Kingdom HRM Queen Timipre B Dakolo stated that there are rampant anti-social activity such as cultism, robbery, child abuse and other crimes that are making the people sleepless at night, a situation that seems to defy all solutions.

She opined that these heinous crimes is being committed under the watch of helpless security agents, adding that several people have been robbed, killed and maimed by the dare devil criminals.

According to her, there is no day that passes without  news about  the activities of these hoodlums within Gbarantoru,Tombia, Akaibiri, Bumadi,Bumadi-Gbene, Ikibiri communities which made up the Ekpetiama Kingdom. 
The area, she said, has become notorious, nefarious by bandit activities.

Also speaking, the chairperson of Federation of International Women Lawyers FIDA) Bayelsa state chapter Mrs. Tariere Egbegi, however, assured the women that FIDA has the capacity to deal with any miscreant or groups that take the law into their hands.

Mrs. Egbegi said “enough is enough” for bloodletting, cultism, child and drug abuse and rape in Ekpetiama Kingdom. She therefore called on police and other law enforcement agents to come their aide and appealed to the people for their support, understanding and cooperation by providing useful information that can lead the arrest of criminals.

A woman leader, Mrs. Okpotolomo Dimipre is of the view that the way things are going on in the area is “very bad situation that we need police station in Gbarantoru to help”.

The woman leader also appealed to the state and Federal governments’ to wade into the matter before it gets out of hand.   The King of Ekpetiama Kingdom, HRM King Timipre Dakolo however pledged to address the chaotic situation with prompt attention, zeal and seriousness when the women visited him in his palace, adding that he would make a submission to the appropriate authorities.

   It could be recalled that gangster activities in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa state capital, make the city unsafe for socio-economic activities but police wade in to bring the situation under control. 

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