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We are faced with happenings in our days that shake us beyond our imaginations. Corruption being impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle has troubled the smooth flow of life events. This illegal, bad or dishonest behaviour, especially by people in positions of power has greatly disturbed the feminine gender as we will see these adverse effects on some areas their life.

In education, there seems to be so much positive development yet there are families who would not mind sending an educationally fair boy to further his school than dare send an excellent grade girl to keep rising in her studies. The ‘MAN’ mentality has actually eroded our sense of value and reasoning since we are on pressure to maintain statues quo and allow for societal relevance. Parents claim the daughters will be married out and the family will not progress as expected. The consciousness and belief that the feminine gender is only about procreation of children alone still frustrates the girl child in life. They are unconsciously settled in these confines to the detriment of their prominence.

The indecent advances of teachers as well as Lecturers on female students have moved away from just a ‘mark-giving barter system’ to raising protégées in cultic fraternity and other devious vile associations. Some have in the name of being in the good books of certain ‘hard’ lecturers ventured into trades detrimental to their health just to raise money to solve marks related challenges. These malfunctioned ‘role models’ in schools most times get away with their crime since there seems to be no stringent rules guiding and guarding these abnormal activities. Sometimes the top leadership is overly corrupt thus the difficulty in rescuing the girl child from legalized monsters in teachers clothing seems not in view. Thanks to God for the increase in advocacy groups but so much still needs to be done.
A worrisome aspect is the growing ravage of these menaces on Pupils in Nursery and Primary schools as even fellow corrupt and mischievous pupils defile other ones and sometimes nothing that is done as disciplinary punishment. This is peculiar in the private schools where the population of students determines the turnover of income at the end of the day. The authorities of such schools do everything possible to kill the spread of such. Most times these dastard acts are carefully covered and sealed from exposure in order to protect the schools’ name. These ungodly acts have further eroded the moral fiber of the populace. It has in some quarters made it seem to be the order of the day as many tow these evil lines to their detriment.

In the health sector, there are some very sad and pitiful scenes and encounters when we graphically look at with respect to women; the governmental leaders are particularly responsible for the woes our women face especially with regards to mortality. The negligence and insensitivity of ignorant and careless leaders and personnel in offices whose only aim is to exploit because they have no iota of intent for alleviating nor rescue of these women and children. There are basic steps to engage and reduce minimally mother and infant mortality when the right procedures and actions are diligently executed. The resources available can transform the situation to set a new manifestation that would be encouraging to behold. Lack of personal and corporate conscience affects the safe, healthy, sound and informed procedures. When they are enforced for the women to be saved at child birth the alarming rate of orphans and widowers we are raising due to devil-may-care attitude will diminish.

The weight of raising families is fundamentally the woman’s responsibility thus when there is a neglect and abandonment in this sensitive issue trouble comes. Everything surrounding them personally should foster the advancement of life in a major way; else the chaos experienced will skyrocket too. Wisdom demands that we delete our selfishness and greed from the dealings we have that pertains to the state of health of the woman as it actually affects life beyond imagination!
The adverse effect of corruption on the lives of women above that of men cannot be over stressed. This dishonest behavior has done much havoc even to the point of eliminating lives on the long run.

In a general hospital in the south-south of Nigeria where women form the largest number of persons who go for scanning services, the management and staff of this government outfit refused to fix a steady water supply for the toilet, making it almost non-operational thus forcing the patients whose bladders are excessively pressured by water they drank for scanning to search for conveniences in nearby bushes! This error creates room for more infections and complications as some of them run into very unsafe points in the bush even into other women’s urine and possibly excreta. The corrupt management chooses to plunder the resources meant for the populace at the expense of the multitude that actually need these services and structures, and quite saddening is the fact that women suffer more health wise while chasing better state of health for themselves
It is expected that the medical personnel in our hospitals are knowledgeable and professional in their jobs and responsibilities yet how do you explain circumstances surrounding the blatant carelessness of a fellow woman missing to place the Catheter properly thereby infecting the patients with diseases and unnecessary woes.

Water supply in the family makes a great greasing effect on its smooth run. The women (mothers) care for the family (husband and children) thus the chores and other necessary needs of water in the home hangs on their neck. We find it though scarcely now where there is no compassion from the men (fathers) to assist in the supply. The total water supplied for the family remains an exclusive responsibility of the wife (mother of the home). In certain village settings where clean stream water is some distance away or the terrain is rough, it becomes very challenging and stressful for them to get the required volume for the home.

Much enlightenment is necessary to raise some men from the lukewarm and ignorant state of neglecting the responsibility of ensuring steady water supply for the family.

Pastor Donatus Essien writes from Akwa Ibom State


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