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Eneyi-led Bayelsa IPAC faction is a fraud – Fisi

Accord Party (AP) chairman in Bayela state, Mr. Pastor Fisi alleges that the Eneyi Zidougha-led Inter Patty Advisory Council (IPAC) is a fraud.

This is coming on the heels of divide and rule antics perfected by the assemby of political parties’ chairmen.

According to Mr. Fisi, IPAC should be an independent body to checkmate government policy and programmes to do the right thing for the citizenry but nowadays it is painful to note that some of its leaders are compromising with the government.

He revealed how the Eniye led faction parleyed with government on the issue of boycotting the state local government elections particularly on the appointment of the state chairman of the independent electoral commission Hon. Ball Oyarede who is a card carrying member of PDP.

The AP chairman is of the view that there was exchange of palliatives at the end of the meeting for only those present, an issue that negate the general interest of IPAC.

Not only that, he described the factional leaders as morons, cowards and fraudsters who cannot say the truth should the need arise.

He stated that the Eniye led faction of IPAC failed to tell the government about the total number political party chairmen stipends  are paid by the Special Adviser on Inter-Party Affairs, adding that what is on record is 64 instead of 23.

To him, this is a shame and insult to political parties as monies meant for them is going to the wrong pockets.

However, he congratulated Governor Dickson for adhering to the voice of the people to change Hon. Oyarede as SIEC chair and appoints Mr. Remember Ogbe as acting chairman.


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