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CDHR accuses Bayelsa Govt Over Multiple Taxation


The Bayelsa state Chapter of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) have accused the government of Bayelsa state for multiple taxation including various extortion of money from motorists.

The chairman of the group in Bayelsa state, Mr. Olokan Ayodeji Victor made this remark while addressing a cross section of media in Yenegoa, saying that the board of internal revenue in Bayelsa State has embarked on compulsory sale of operational stickers to taxies, lorries and trucks operating within Bayelsa State, at the rate of N 12,000 and N 16,000 above as the case may applied.

The state chairman said that the sticker known as unified sticker is to harmonize the following as printed in the sticker, MOT, Radio permit, Sanitation, Local Government, and Board of internal revenue among others.
The CDHR boss equally noted that the above mentioned stickers are still divided to sell by the same Bayelsa State Government to motorists, which include Ministry of Transport car stereo permit among others, and one other sticker known as driver welfare which cost N 7,000 above as a big fraud and menace.

CDHR also sees the continuous sale of these stickers as multiple taxation and fraud by the state government, as it inflicting pains and hardship on the general public.
He therefore called on all parties involved this matter to withdraw from these duplicated sales of stickers as it has caused serious challenges to transporters.

It is said that CDHR has made several attempts to solve the misnomer in the state but was turn down, however the body has called on the government to intervene in the matter as the people’s right must not be infringed for peace to reign, the chairman added.

Also speaking, the chairman of Delta state chapter of CDHR, Comrade Dr. Kehinde Prince Taiga, who is also the Chairman of all states chairmen in Nigeria, while fielding while fielding questions with newsmen also accused Bayelsa state government for fraud, stressing that enough is enough


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