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Corruption is a universal feature in every society. The tendency to be corrupt is inherent in human nature. That is why every society and culture has its own justice system and established punitive measures for various degrees of corrupt practices.

In as much as it is impossible to completely eliminate corruption in any environment, it is, however, mandatory that every society makes an attempt to reduce corruption to the barest minimum. This is because the short and long-term effects of corruption in any environment can be quite devastating, unfortunately, women and children are worst hit. The responsibility of reducing or eliminating corruption largely lies with the government, since the power of penalty and control rests with
the government at all levels. The government is also the custodian of commonwealth and resources of the people. The sad part, unfortunately,is that government officials are neck deep in corruption as well, to the extent of diverting general funds/resources for personal use. Acts like these have contributed to the poor state of social amenities as seen in many African countries, where social amenities like pipe borne potable water, good roads, electricity, health care facilities, etc.
are in a poor state or non-existent. The bulk of the suffering is borne by the women in those areas.

It is sad but true that many women in rural areas still give birth outside the hospital. Little wonder why the rate of maternal mortality is still rather high in our environment. Even the hospitals are not
adequately staffed or equipped. Hardly does any year pass when there is no industrial action by doctors/health workers. A strike action usually occasioned by non-payment of salaries/benefits. Considering he peculiar health needs of women especially in areas of menstrual hygiene, pre and post-natal health, any strike action by doctors or   alth workers is usually devastating to women
Same applies to the absence of other social amenities like roads, electricity, potable water, unpaid salaries, etc. which are adverse effects of corruption. The women more at the receiving end because of their domesticated nature. Our task today, apart from participating actively in electoral
process, is also to keep the government on their toes to ensure funds are not mismanaged but judiciously utilized for the maintenance and development of the society. We must all join hands together to ensure corruption is fought to a standstill. This will ensure a better life for women. Once this is guaranteed, the attainment of a virile nation is inevitable.

Published by : MrsAyomide Adebanjo Temitayo



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