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Does Dickson’s policy, programs deserve continuity?

It baffles me to read a story published by the Bayelsa state Ministry of Information entitled “ Creek Times” that the people of Bayelsa set to vote for continuity.

Although people have their right to express their personal opinion on contemporary issues but I don’t share that view entirely.

Anybody that is sharing that opinion is rather calling for another eight years of poverty and slavery in Bayelsa state.

Do they know whether Governor Dickson continue with good projects embarked upon by past administrations’ of Bayelsa state?.

Let me tell you that when Dickson came into power in 2012, the man never continue with many projects.

He never continue with the Eye Clinic project  by Sylva government,  the Central Business District  project is abandoned, the Glory Land Road project abandoned, Transparency Plaza abandoned, 5-star Hotel abandoned, Otuoke/Iwoi/Otuabala/Ogbia community road is also neglected.

Others are the 500-bed Hospital embarked upon by late DSP Alamieyeseigha,  Bayelsa Sea Foods Company, Peace Park, Plastic Industry, Hundaya Engineering Company, Gas Turbine,  Salaries not paid regularly, Reticulation Water pipelines abandoned in the name of expanding the Isaac Boro Expressway and the Bayelsa Fish Farm at Okaka in Yenagoa.

All these were remarkable socio-economic projects that would have facilitated the fast development of Bayelsa state but it was swept under the carpet.

So why someone out there in some remote rural area having the ideas to say that the next governor Bayelsa state should continue with his unimpressive and frivolous policy and programs embark upon by the Restoration Government in the pages of sponsored government media.

In the report, someone out there is quoted as saying that “Our area here in Sagbama has now opened up before. See the roads. We can now connect more with other areas and this is good for our businesses. As we have it here so also are the roads in other places, so Dickson has tried for the state”.
So where the other new roads constructed in Bayelsa this obscure man is saying? It is a fact that in Sagbama community, all the roads are begging for reconstruction as the governor cannot maintained them since seven and half years ago.

Let it be said that the drama of Sagbama/ Ekeremor road construction is regarded as a fiction because it is hazard construction begging for completion.

Tell me if I am wrong whether the governor constructed any road in Yenagoa City even the expansion of Isaac Boro expressway is not completed after seven and half years in the saddle.

What Governor Dickson has succeeded in doing is to replicate projects of predecessors. Instead of adequate funding of the Niger Delta University, (NDU) and College of Health Sciences in Amassoma, he went ahead to establish University of Africa and Bayelsa state Medical University. Waste of funds.

To some stakeholders in Bayelsa state, Governor Dickson has come to destroy what the founding fathers have laid.  There is no water in and around the state as he cannot even give support to federal and foreign agencies that came to assist the state with water projects. He turned the state water board for meruwas  to supply water.

Yenagoa is termed as the darkest city in Africa as the entire street lights are dead, allowing armed gangs to carry out criminal activities at night unabated.

The state of the economy is so bad that entrepreneurs and business men have relocated to neighboring states as Yenagoa City become insecure for them to operate.

That’s not all.  He rather restores poverty instead of abundant life for the people.
In short, Bayelsans want a clean slate for new direction. The streets of Bayelsa ought to be paved with ornaments and gold based on the abundant oil and gas resources in it.

Nobody knows how he spent all the money he receives from the federal allocations and Paris Club refunds.

Allow the choice of dynamic men and women of integrity to be governor with a view to make new things happen but not of the old to dictate voting for expired politicians in a family government for continuity except a mad man allows that to happen at this age of self realization. 


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