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Stakeholders express dissatisfaction over oil companies in Bayelsa

By Daniel Domotimi

Bayelsans have expressed dissatisfaction over the neglect by multinational oil companies to give host Communities the desired dividends of accommodating them.

This was expressed in a stockholders forum organized by the Bayelsa State Oil And Environmental Commission (BSOEC) whom gave room for complains.

They accused the  Multinationals to have been the brains behind the existence of social vises in the area.

According to them, "Expert are always hired to do duty works like presenting billion naira checks in display to the media, after which, these money's are being diverted.

"Less that 15% of bayelsans are being employed and when we complain, they will tell us, we are not qualified.

"In the days, these Multinationals came with guns, dynamite, prostitution called ashawoo villages, drug cartel amongst others to ensure that we don't get educated because when we do, we shall have the best of lawyers to sue them, best of Journalists to tell our stories in a proper way.

"In essence, the Multinationals have done more arm to good, pretending to the world that they have been reaching out to the host Communities.

Earlier, the chairperson of the expert working group, Dr Kathryn Nwajiaku -Dahou had told the audience that, the commission which was set up on March this year by gov Dickson on oil spillage was to come up with recommendation on how to solve the problem of degradation, which this is part of the process.

Kathryn said the commission is eager to hear voices of all Communities that are affecting because it is clear that lives of  children and women whom are at the receiving end of it all are badly affected.

The commission also talked on keeping records of happenings of this menace across the state, noting that this exercise of visit is to all the local government areas of the state starting with Yenagoa LGA, at the local government Secretariat Yenagoa the Bayelsa state capital.

The host communities also reminded the commission of the use of military to intimidate villagers when they puch on getting involved in the employment process of the companies as host communities.

They described the General Memorandum of Understanding, GMOU, as reached between the companies and the host communities as a scam and a means of deceit.

The Communities advised the Multinationals to deceased from setting confusion, fueling conflict between the youths of the area against their elders.

At Egbebiri/Betterland Community in Jankrama, these companies have been operating without a General Memorandum of Understanding, GMOU, for many decades but the Communities in the area is dumfounded for the fear of invasion by the Nigeria Military.


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