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Nigerians appreciate value of models – Favour Owou ex-Miss Tourism Bayelsa

queen Favour Owou, Miss Tourism Bayelsa 2014

Ex- beauty Queen (Miss Tourism Bayelsa 2014) Favour Owou says Nigerians like models particularly those who appreciate their value, respect and understanding in the society.

She bares her mind to an online blog publisher recently during SMS interview from her base in Abuja.

She described herself as a survivor, fighter, entrepreneur, catwalk instructor, sister, daughter, model and above all God’s favourite girl.

Queen Favour Owou hails from Amassoma Town in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa state have many shows into her kit. The last one, she hinted, was a little runway show by Selaragram..

Any plans to go abroad?
Yes! If my destiny leads to that road.

Do you really want to marry your ideal man and who can that be?
Yes I would love to marry my ideal man..
He should be a caring, romantic, mature but playful, prayerful, and either tall or my height

The beauty Queen in her career has met sort’s of personalities so far, for instance models like her, entrepreneurs, designers, celebrities, actors, musicians and comedians including the good, bad and so on.
Photo @ Akay King


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