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NGO to mark national oil, gas discovery day

Evangelist Karibo

All roads lead to Oloibiri Well 1 Otuabagi in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa state on January 15, 2020 for the National Oil and Gas discovery Day celebration and thanksgiving event.

A statement issued by the President of Oloibiri Oil and Gas Discovery Initiative,  Evangelist Naranie Albert Karibo says the theme of next year’s celebration is entitled “Raising the Banner of Peace and Unity in the Niger Delta Region and Nigeria”.

He remarked that let the people give peace a chance in the struggle for their rights in sustainable economic development by appreciating God for using Ogbialand Bayelsa state and Niger Delta to bless Nigeria.

The proposed national oil and gas discovery day celebration will be the 4th edition so far powered by Oloibiri Oil and Gas Discovery Day Initiative in collaboration with HRM King Dumaro Charles Owaba Obanobhan 111 of Obia Kingdom.

According to him, prominent sons, daughters, royal fathers of Ogbia Kingdom including other distinguished guests of the state are invited to attend the occasion aimed at bringing development to the area.

The Oloibiri Oil and Gas Discovery Initiative is a non-governmental organization inspirationally founded by Ministers of God with the vision to annually mark and celebrate every 15th of January when crude oil was first discovered in Nigeria by Shell in 1956.



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