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Concerned Citizens of OML communities ask Shell to stop work

Concern citizens of OML  7 7- 3d communities in Brass, Nembe Local Government Areas of Bayelsa state has called on Shell Petroleum Development Company,  SPDC, Nigeria Ltd to stop operating in their territorial waters to avoid break down of law and order.

The Chiefs and youths of Odioma community, Ibidi, Owoma, Okpoma, Twon-Brass, Beletaima, Egwema, Iyama, Diama, Okpumbia, Opuokubiri, Oginibin, Sangana in Brass Local Government Area and Obioku in Nembe Local Government Area stated this in a peace protest in the ocean close to Banabas Rivers.

 Some of the chiefs from the host 14 communities said they have been operating in their territorial waters for over 3 months without calling the communities for discussion in order to have freedom to operate peacefully in the area.

The Chiefs also said it has become imperative as the host communities cannot be undermined as they know that nowhere in the word that IOCs will work without proper understanding with host community.

Youths from the 14 communities said they made efforts to meet with the company in Port –Harcourt but proved no avail and they have also made efforts to see that the company meet up their demand that will promote development and mutual working relationship is to no avail.


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