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Model of the Week: Stephanie is my Role Model – Havilah

Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, Nigerian girls who desire to be beautiful queens aspire to maintain the culture of its beauty.

They want to be beautiful pageantry queens of old in Nigeria because without the old, there are no new ones per se.

For instance, Queen Favour Goodluck Havilah from Adamawa state wants to be like Stephanie Okereke as her role model.

Havilah has recently emerged as the most elegant beautiful girl in Nigeria. She beats 20 other bevy of beauties to become the winner of the show. The second runner is Meshioye Simileoluwa and 1st runner up is Chukwulo Chineye.

She is 23 years old. According to her, she is a high breed from two states. She is complete Igbo and Hausa girl - Adamawa state in Hong Government Area and Abia state in Umahia Local Government Area of the state.

 Asked what inspire her to be model, she was quick to respond that it is her love for fashion and beauty.

She said that she is one of African woman that believes in the African beauty. However, she also loves humanitarian work, which she saw that modeling industry is highly involved in it. She wants to make Stephanie her role model
She believed that models are now recognize widely although not really much but believing that they will be very soon in our society and hopes to get there.

According to her, she has participated in two pageants; Face of House of Bella and Queen of Tourism Nigeria World and now the current Miss Elegant Girl in Nigeria.

She strongly believes that there is hope for modeling for the future in Nigeria. For instance, there are successful models in the likes of Linda Ikeji, Agbani Darego and Stephanie Okereke Linus, hoping that one day the industry will be recognized and she plan to travel abroad to seek greener pastures.
Her hobby to create awareness for women and girls having safe space conversations for life.

Havilah is happy to win her beauty crown; she is so excited and hopes for greater days ahead of her vision.


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