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Christ Atone For All Nation Ministry: Centre of Signs and Wonders

Indeed Christ Atone For All Nations’ Ministry situated by School-to- Land, along Imirigi Road, Bayelsa state is a center for signs and wonders. You go there with your problems and remain the same.

God dwells there as the Holy Spirit moves like a magnet. The blind claim their sight, the lame walk; the deaf and the dump hear and talk. The barren also get the fruit of the womb daily and of all incurable diseases. Mad people get cured. A center that where people receive financial break through and upliftment. Demonic oppressions restored through deliverance and above all, a center for testimony.

The General Overseer (GO) Bishop Marvel Walton is a cool headed man, vibrant and filled with the Holy Spirit. God is using him to set people free from bondage and abject poverty. He is God sent liberator. His prophecies come true always.

Bishop Walton preaches the pure gospel of God without flaws. He is not a braggart because he attends to both the rich and poor. He is a cheerful giver; pay school fees for students, pays accommodation for his members and creates job opportunities and human empowerment e.g. through skill acquisition for people.

He does not extorts his members by sales of handkerchiefs’, olive oil, water, bangles and stickers as source of powers as some of his counterparts do.

Christ Atone for All Nations Ministry has dedicated God sent pastors and wonderful church workers that attend to people at any point in time. They make you comfortable always.
A visit to the church will surely convince you.


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