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Old days of Yenagoa

On my way to FMC Yenagoa I passed through the then popular Creek Motels, located along hospital road Yenagoa, and I saw the dilapidated state of the property, then tears rolled down my chicks, knowing how functional it was.
I could remember the days when Creek Motels was among the big hotels in town, accommodating big dignitaries and top government functionaries, but today it is a place where mad people reproduce, because Former Gov Dickson killed the dreams of his predecessors, as he did to the Yenagoa Peace Park.
Today former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan commended President Muhammadu Buhari for the continuity of government projects, but the story here in Bayelsa state is of the opposite.
How can Bayelsa be seen as the glory of all lands, when the government of the day hss failed to continue from where her predecessor stopped.
Today Rivers state is called the hub of development because their leaders sees the development of their state beyond party lines.
In Yenagoa once upon a time there was a functional running water system, functional plastic industry, Gas turbine, functional streetlights, Bayelsa palm industry, scholarship board, Civil service systems....etc but today all of these are history and you think we are moving forward as a state?
Please we are not asking too much for you returning our yesterday Bayelsa to us because whenever we travel to a neighboring state, and sees how far they have left us behind, then we know our problems are nothing but bad leadership.
Please help us and just give us a city we can call our own and not a modern village we have here.
God bless the Ijaw nation and land of
Bayelsa State.


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