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Women demand for gender and accountability in Niger Delta

Kebetkache and other CSOs and community women groups have taken action to demand gender and Accountability in the Niger Delta.
The women made this known in a media briefing held in  Port- Harcourt held on 27. July 2020 at the NDDC headquarters.
They demanded for transparency and accountability in the management of NDDC funds and also kick against the practices of the pro-poverty agenda of the NDDC where only politically exposed persons benefit from the available resources, 
The women condemned the conspiracy against vulnerable people in the Niger Delta communities. We conderces and opportunities in the NDDC, while Communities continue to lack access to clean water, well equipped functional hospital, poor educational facilities.
The impacts of floods need to be mitigated, local farmers particularly women should be empowered, food insecurity should be addressed. People centred development should be promoted in an inclusive manner. Women speak up for Accountability, .they said.


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