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I want to be Chef, Baker


Lanky built Ms Ebimoboere Owei-Joel Robinson, 28, says her desire is to be chef and baker.

She hails from Amatolo community in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa state.

Determined like a 100-meter athlete, she ensures that her desire will come to pass.

I just love catering naturally. I desire to be a great chef and baker, I want to attend a very good catering school, I desire to school abroad, I desire to marry a white man between the age of 28 – 33, particularly from US or Canada.”

Why marry a white man? According to her, she loves them especially the kids.

Ms Robinson now lives in Lagos attended Landmark Academy of Hospitality management, Army Day Secondary School and Institute of Catering and Event Management, all in Rivers state Port-Harcourt.

Even though she doesn’t have in mind any role model, she likes the schools she attended as her role model.



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