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My Wife Refuses To Kiss Me When Making Love, Man Tells Court •He has bad breath, won’t brush his teeth even after I bought him tooth paste —Wife

A 30-YEAR-OLD plumber of Lusaka in Zambia, whose wife did not kiss him passionately during love-making has gone to court seeking to divorce her. According to Zambia Observer, Boniface Mwansa of Makeni Simoson has been married to Esther Lungu, 26, for three years but an absence of romantic smooches in the relationship is straining the couple’s marriage. Boniface has now sued Esther also of Makeni Simoson in the Kanyama local court for divorce. Boniface told the presiding magistrate, Mubukwanu Matalaka that it has been five months since he last kissed his wife despite paying K2000 as dowry and having his marriage recognised under traditional law. Boniface said he did not understand why his lawfully wedded wife would not want to kiss him whenever they were making love. He accused Esther of refusing to wash his clothes because she believed her job as a maid was better than his plumbing career. Esther defending herself explained that the reason she refused kissing Boniface was because of the foul stench from him when he returns from unblocking sewer systems. She said Boniface was also a drunkard who did not wash his mouth regularly. Esther explained on several occasions, she had bought her husband tooth brushes and toothpaste to use but he refused to utilize them. Ruling, the magistrate, Matalaka, adjourned the case and counseled the couple to reconsider their decision. The court advised Boniface and Esther to invite elders in their families to mediate in their differences

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