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Is Nigeria super country?

Sometimes I ask myself if Nigeria is a super county. From the look of things in the country, many people have made it the top. I consider this feat as a personal ability or creativity without government support. Anytime an individual make the nation proud, really proud, I smile within myself that we are great people in spite of different religious and cultural backgrounds we come from. However, we at times messed up the nation as genuine dignity is thrown to trash bin, allowing other countries ridicule us for no just reason. We are to forbid them. I’m gonna recall two Bayelsa female superstars, Nengi and Ebizi who excel creditably in their different endeavors, so I urge other people to emulate them. I’m exceedingly delighted of them. There are many others who have made it in field of medicine, computer, sports, journalism and much more. From my point of view, I figure that Nigeria get ideas to develop and grow further than where we are today. Where we are today is as a result of mismanagement of funds and fail to choose the right choices when taking important decisions. We are a supersonic people and nation until capable persons lead us otherwise like TB Joshua snapped that “Nigeria is crying in the valley”.

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