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Need to complete abandon projects

Doubtless, there is absolute need by leaders to complete abandoned projects. This has become imperative because government by democratic standard is a continuity journey. Today, one expires and tomorrow another begins. Soldier come soldier go. Life goes on. No wayo! Nowadays if one takes a curious look at our new growing mega city, you see beautiful abandon projects around in housing and road infrastructures begging for completion for more than 10 years yet nobody cares. It is often times said in some quarters that it is not our personal pocket money has been spent after all it is government. Look as if they’re not part of it. They sound na├»ve and never seem to understand that democracy is a participatory one. It belongs to all of us. You shouldn’t be absentminded of it. Having said that, it is crucial to point out why there are abandoned projects in and around our geographical clime. One reason to me is that leader without vision just embarks upon projects for their selfish interest not knowing that they can’t be there forever. The wise electorates could vote them out from office because they do all kinds of shady things while in power. Now one another important factor for abandon projects needs to be made clear here. Some new in coming administrations were greedy. The helmsman prefers his ability than others before him. Even if one previous administration project is cool, he forbids it and goes on to embark his own. The abandon project remains untouched until he vacates office. It is retrogressive in nature. The leadership would not come out to say this; rather they blame it on economic meltdown. That’s a screwed reason for that matter. The followership dare not criticize his bad because it is better remain quiet than to lose salary monthly. If the need arise, they play all the jazz for him. This is not the case in other places like Lagos for example. The leadership there completes all abandon projects by past governments because it is their one indivisible entity. They fast track growth and development of their environment including the people. They are on top of anything they do in spite of their challenges. Their other name is first class. It has been like that over the years. In our environment, abandoned projects dotted city streets, avenues and roads, given the first timer to the town bad impression of who we are. This is even so if we are regarded as kings and princesses. Some even describe this wicked, embarrassing practice by rulers as monumental disgrace. Must this negligence be allowed to take its course? No is the answer to the question. We have gone through social, economic and educational institutions like others. Therefore, we should ginger up our sharp mental capability and use it to tackle the menace of abandon projects. We should know what is good for us to follow. Do work with unselfish and open type of leadership style. Embrace the collective interest of the people to build credible state of environment for all to live in happiness because it is resources from our common wealth is been spent. Relevant concerned institutions like project monitoring committee could meet from time to time in ensuring the completion of projects. Who did not like esthetic view of his environment? We need to build more infrastructures on streets at least adorn with gold, silver and ornaments. And again, build a city with amazing street lights at night all over the city. Almost everyone needs it. This is what makes New York, Abuja and London thick. It can happen here. Abandonment of projects be it road or building infrastructure isn’t good, it is retrogressive. We can make an exceptional difference right here surely.

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