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Change without changers

Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has said Nigeria is not only at war but also is in a war zone. If this statement is anything to go by, then there are unsatisfied voices within the country. They are agitating for autonomous republics. The Biafran agitators demand for their country, problems of insecurity caused by Fulani cattle herdsmen, Boko Haram, SARS protesters and many others rear up their ugly heads. But could these demands ever be realized without the changing changers? I mean the national assembly and presidency. Let me quickly say here that the APC change slogan is not applicable here. Doubtless, it was Isaac Boro and Odumegu Ojukwu that has carried out revolution for separate republics but they never succeeded. Axiomatically, change of leadership is possible only in the country by the ballot as the constitution stipulates. Now, Nigerians who ought to support the clarion call for autonomous status are within the system. Moreover, they were at one time or the other part of the drafters of the 1999 constitution. They are momentarily beneficiaries of the “crazy document” that some groups are calling for new one. Could the agitators effect change without the highly placed national assembly, presidency and other powerful Nigerians left alone by jobless youths, students, market women, traders and of course labor who at most times cage by the government of the day? It must be a fruitless far cry thus the nation is just like under siege. For instance, the insecurity situation particularly in the north-east is terrible. The hydra headed Boko Haram insurgency has claimed thousands of lives since it started years ago. They are of the view that western education is alien to them. It is only a few minorities that enjoy government job opportunities while the majority wallop in poverty. It is alleged that politicians arm and use them to rig elections with a promise of handsome monetary rewards. However, there is nothing for them after election. Their revenge mission is to use the weapons politicians bought for them against the state. Banditry, robbery and kidnappings have become the order of the day. Some even went further to declare takeover of some local governments. The Federal authorities can’t nip the crises in the bud following the absence of effective laws to curb its spreads particularly victims who pay huge sums of ransom money to their abductors for freedom. More saddening is the fact that the aforesaid changing changers, their representatives at the National Assembly and governors cannot do anything to curb the menace. It’s as if the country is in the disintegration process. Today, one hears stories of arson in the East with bomb explosions targeted at INEC offices and more worrisome at some security outfits. Looks like some politicians use these personnel to rig election and those suspected to be victims are revenging as new election is in the making soon. SARS protesters would want PMB to go over insecurity and police brutality on innocent youths in the nation any time they protested. However, the police assured that people should protest as long as they have a permit to do so. The Biafran frustration to the presidency was once expressed economically by Owodo ““Number One and the shortest one is an Igbo presidency in 2023, without which our continued participation in the politics of Nigeria is highly questionable. Even a child here believes in it. And far more important than this is the restructuring of the federation as soon as soon as possible. These are our two irreducible conditions. And anybody in the South East who does not believe in this is in the minority. He dare not shout to the public because he will be almost committing suicide,” Nwodo maintained. Certainly, that may be one reason the Biafrans agitating for a republic of its own in terms of marginalization of their ethnic group. As if that is not enough, armed Fulani herds men and farmers in the Southern part of Nigeria fight over the destruction of farmlands by the herdsmen. Scores of them die any time they clash. The Presidency is perhaps ignorant on this for a longtime because of the federal structure of the nation, believing that Nigerians can live and do business anywhere in the country. It’s unfair for the Presidency is poised to teach agitators the consequence of civil disobedience is a misnomer. Meanwhile several calls have gone out to the National Assembly for the making of a new constitution for the country has turned to deaf ears. These are powerful and influential individuals of change but unfortunately they dismissed the call. They live in paradise, no mosquito bites at night so they don’t care a hoot if there is starvation in the land except warfare, seeing them flee abroad with their families. In that process, many die on the way. They say two wrongs cannot make a right. If the unsatisfied voices within were to be late TB Joshua, they may have turn their wish to become a reality. Meanwhile, me advises them to freeze and put their tents together until the next general election in 2023 to vote leaders ready in changing the 1999 document for better future of their dreams even if the nation seems unstable now. Beware no condition is permanent, but change is.

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