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Drama as Yahoo boy rakes N39m

Inhabitants of Yenagoa will long recollect the thunderous drama of jubilation when a yahoo boy, Mr. Tom Monicat an applicant, rakes N39m into his bank account. It is gathered that the celebration started all the way from Benin City where he bought two siren cars blaring to Yenagoa, capital of Bayelsa state. Tongues of inhabitants wagged who the celebrant was as they neither see escort vehicle nor military officer in the convoy. Eventually when the celebrant pull over at his resident in high spirit of delight, there and then the bubble burst. gathered that Mr. Monicat is said to have stumbled on his best friend Perebote King's yahoo site. He deleted and tips all scaming documents on it to his advantage to make instant windfall rather than his pal. His undergraduate friend, who later learn this terrible deal turned furious, swearing fire and brimestones to kill him. However, when Tom Monicat got wind of his friend deadly plot, he moved to an unknown destiny with his family immediately. Sources say antigraft operatives may invite Mr. Monicat for interogation on how he made his money.

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