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Govt inaugurates Swali Ultra-Modern Market care-taker committee

A care-taker committee has been inaugurated for the Swali Ultra-Modern Market, Yenagoa, Bayelsa state Those inaugurated are Elder British Amgbari as chairman, Mrs. Fortune Samuel Gwegwe member, Mrs. Slender Lucky member, Mrs. Dora Igolikumo member. Others include Mrs. Ngozi Oneyemara and Mr. George Uyaini as members respectively. Mr. F Borise, who stands in for the state Commissioner of Trade and Investment, Mr. Federal Otokito, said the committee became necessary following rancor among rank and file of the traders union committee tenure expired. The care-taker committee is expected to stay in office for 3-month and handover to a new elected executive committee. The out-going PRO, Comrade Okorie Felix John, however, commended the integrity of the out gone leadership to attain set goals.

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